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Sometimes I feel as though I was born in the wrong era. In my heart, I’m a 1950’s girl. I love pretty much everything about the 50’s, the music, the dresses, the innocence and…the kitchen’s! But since we haven’t figured out a way to turn back time yet, and no Bill & Ted’s time machine is in sight, I guess I’ll just have to settle on some vintage items such as these GREAT retro aprons!

I LOVE these wonderful aprons by Boojiboo and they have cupcakes and owls on them!

I still can’t get over this christmas inspired one and it’s only 17$! Did you see the beautiful stove in the background!

Jessie Steele has a great selection of retro looking aprons as well, both are 32,95$.

Carolyn’s Kitchen also offers a nice variety of vintage looking aprons but the prices are a bit higher (around 45$)

Regardless, all these aprons are beautiful and they can make a wonderful christmas gift for yourself of a friend that loves to cook ūüôā


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Well today was a happy day because the wonderful and creative illustrator Lisa Orgler drew my Watermelon Martini recipe for her lunch box project. How amazing is that? And the crazy thing about it is that we’ve never actually met! But thanks to the site Foodbuzz our worlds collided and here we are today. Fascinating how things can get accomplished in the land of virtual foodies.

Needless to say that her project is quite an interesting one. Her goal? ¬†To make food paintings out of monthly themes. This month’s theme? “Your Food, My Drawings”, hence the watermelon martini…

Last months theme was “Gnome made treats“.

When Lisa initially started in 2009, she made a painting everyday! But nowadays she enjoys more working with themes and palettes.¬†Lisa paints on playing cards, but she also makes foodie calendars, recipe cards and has tons of cool stuff to sell on ETSY. Honestly, if I didn’t restrain myself, I think that half my house would be decorated with her awesome works of art ūüôā

If you’re a blogger and would like to submit your recipes for her to draw read her submission guidelines here.

I have some blueberry muffins to tend to…

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I was browsing through one of my favorite sites (Apartment Therapy) when I stumbled upon these GRRRRRRRREEEEEAAT kitchen towels.

Who can say no to flowers and porcupines?

Cute and ¬†colourful kitchen towels can be VERY hard to find, it’s mind boggling to see how no one has realised that here is a market for this! (funky shower curtains too!)The towels are made by Patapri, a Chicago based company that was created by japanese artist Yoko Uemura. Yoko has a passion for silkscreen and ALL of the towels are hand printed by her. Now that’s devotion!

You can find the towels on ETSY (another one of my favorite sites!). They are hand-printed on cotton fabric using water-based, toxic-free inks. And they all have beautiful patterns and colours.

The kitchen towels are a bit expensive (1 for 15 $ USD, 2 for 27$) but I say, why not splurge once in a while on something that you REALLY like! PataPri Etsy shop.  For more info http://www.patapri.com/

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