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Love or loathe, these meat pillows are quirky! The cuteness of them makes me want to buy some, but then again do I really want beef steaks lounging on my couch? Hmmmm, on second thought, I’m not so sure!

Hambone ham 25,99$

I personally really like the Hambone ham. The description is particularly funny “O% organic. Perfect for entertaining. Ham plush toy in limited edition of 300. 100% recycled fleece with dark brown top-stitching and plastic “bone” button. Fiberfill stuffing. Safe for ages 3+. Not safe for pets.

And how can you say no to plush bacon?

Shapin bacon… 17, 99$

If you have trouble choosing (like me) , they also have sets of three which include one of each (plush steak, pork chop and ham).

Prices range from 17,99$- 179,994 (the whole shebang collection). For more info visit: sweet-meats.com


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