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Well I love my cooking, but sometimes the world just goes to fast and the next thing I know my baby just turned 2, my boyfriend grew a pot belly, the VCR player is passé and grey hairs are growing faster on my skull than poison Ivy on a hot summer day!

So let’s take time to breathe, look around, make contact with the people that we love and be present in our everyday lives.

Here’s a great video on kindness that I absolutely had to share with you. Because let’s face it, the world can only be a better place if we take the time to be kind… 🙂

The video is made by Amy Krouse Rosenthal who is also the author of children’s books and as she puts it grown-up books. Amy also loves to cook, make something out of nothing and make wishes, hmm, we seem to have a lot in common!


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Yes, I know, another Halloween video. But this one was too hilarious for me to keep for myself! For 27,95$ The World’s Largest Gummy Worm is 128 times bigger than your favorite childhood candy!

This treat is great for a Halloween party. Think of it,  twenty-six inches of gummy food that is bound to entertain. The gummy worm is  3 pounds,  it’s 4000 calories  and it’s available in five flavor combinations. Seriously, how could you say no?

Warning:  never to give this to your kids, unless you want a bunch of wild banshees running in your living room 🙂

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Sock Zombies!

Well, Halloween is just around the corner and after making all those candy filled goody bags the next thing on my list is arts & crafts. I can’t say that I’m very good at that sort of thing and I make it a point to stay very far away from the sowing machine but these sock zombies are just too easy to make and the video is hilarious!

For more inspiring and creative ideas, visit this great blog: Craftzine.

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For those of you that haven’t seen the brilliant documentry Food, Inc. run to your closest video store NOW!

The documentary demonstrates how food has been modified over the years, and how cost has impacted the nutrional value of food, the environment and the animals. Director Robert Kenner takes his camera into slaughterhouses and factory farms. We see how chickens grow too fast to walk properly (even the farmers are disgusted by the new “modern” techniques that are imposed on them). We discover why ammonia filler is in our fastfood burgers, why there’s been E Coli in peanut butter, and how Walmart can even help make a difference.

A must see, this film will change your eating habits forever, one step at a time!

And for those who want to watch Food, Inc. for free, you can see it on CBC.ca

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There’s a lot of discussion over the consumption of bottled water VS tap water. If anyone is still debating on what to do, here’s a GREAT VIDEO that might shed some light on the topic…

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For all you bacon affectionados out there, here’s something that you might want to get your hands on: bacon marmalade!

Liza De Guia from the site Food Curated did this little segment on Brooklyn chef Ross Hutchison.

Ross and his girlfriend Joanna began making the bacon marmalade out of their apartment after their friends kept urging them to give them more! And to think that the recipe was created after Ross had burned some bacon and refused to throw it away! Divine intervention or ceasing an opportunity, whatever you may call it, the bacon is flying off the shelves!

For more info visit: http://www.baconmarmalade.com.  The marmalade goes for $9 USD for a 4oz bottle. My question is, what do you eat it with?

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