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Baby snacks for the road!

As any parent knows, when baby is hungry he wants food NOW! And sometimes, the best way to calm your little one when your out and about is to distract him with some healthy snacks. Here are some of my favorites!

I really enjoy many of the organic products that the brand President’s Choice has to offer. The baby cereal are low in sugar and they offer many choices (raspberry & yogourt, apple&pear, sweet corn & potato). I also love the fruit puree blends (banana-apple-prunes are my favorite) and the fruit puffs can be a real life saver during a long car ride. Your ears will be grateful!

In regards to cookies, I can’t say that the’re my first choice in regards to snacks as I try to limit baby from as much sugar intake as possible, but I must admit that he’s enjoyed these cookies a great deal. He likes the Farley’s cookies that tend to be on the messy side but they at least contain good amounts of fiber. And he goes completely gaga for the Baby Mum-Mum’s, rice cookies that are offered in 3 flavours: original, banana and vegetable. A great thing about the Baby Mum-Mum’s is that they’re individually wrapped (2 per pack) which makes it easy and convenient to carry around!

Some other great snacks that are easy to carry around in a purse or diaper bag: dried prunes and apricots. A litle stash of Cheerios or Nutrios cereal also hits the spot!


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