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I was browsing through one of my favorite sites (Apartment Therapy) when I stumbled upon these GRRRRRRRREEEEEAAT kitchen towels.

Who can say no to flowers and porcupines?

Cute and  colourful kitchen towels can be VERY hard to find, it’s mind boggling to see how no one has realised that here is a market for this! (funky shower curtains too!)The towels are made by Patapri, a Chicago based company that was created by japanese artist Yoko Uemura. Yoko has a passion for silkscreen and ALL of the towels are hand printed by her. Now that’s devotion!

You can find the towels on ETSY (another one of my favorite sites!). They are hand-printed on cotton fabric using water-based, toxic-free inks. And they all have beautiful patterns and colours.

The kitchen towels are a bit expensive (1 for 15 $ USD, 2 for 27$) but I say, why not splurge once in a while on something that you REALLY like! PataPri Etsy shop.  For more info http://www.patapri.com/


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